Gun Violence Prevention Resources

67th Precinct Clergy Council Public Resources

This Discussion Guide was developed to help you get started with your own clergy or faith- based group.

The first section provides the Overview of the State of Gun Violence in America.

The second section contains the Framework on Best Practices taken from across the U.S. with questions to guide you through the process as you prepare to embark on this important work.

The final section introduces our Clergy Protocol Guide and Prevention Toolkit which are cutting-edge tools that will serve as a powerful resource for Clergy For Safe Cities coalition members.

Over the past 10 years, the 67th Precinct Clergy Council, Inc., “The GodSquad,” has responded to numerous calls concerning gunshot victims and their families with hospital visits, counseling sessions, prayer vigils, community walks, gun violence forums, and funeral services. We have taken these years of experience and created this cutting-edge and very practical Protocol Guide to help you navigate the complex situations of dealing with families affected by the tragedy of gun violence.

Included in this report are strategies and innovative ideas that The GodSquad implemented in 2018. We share these initiatives with our clergy colleagues, elected officials, and community members with hopes that these ideas will add to the conversation of clergy involvement in promoting public safety. The work will continue for years to come and we encourage you to join us in continuing to make public safety a shared responsibility.

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