combating the gun violence epidemic

Services / Programs

We offer crime and gun violence prevention programs and training, provide counseling and support to members of the community and offer solutions to problems arising in the 67th Precinct (Brooklyn, New York).

Clergy For Safe Cities

Now more than ever, our country needs faith leaders to lead an active role in combating the gun violence epidemic that’s plaguing all major cities across the United States and its territories.

Clergy for Safe Cities is a coalition established to support clergy-based gun violence prevention initiatives and implement a collective, comprehensive, community initiative to decrease the involvement of young people in gangs, crimes, and gun violence in your city.

Flatbush Leadership Academy

Flatbush Leadership Academy (FLA) is a mentorship program for young men and women in Central Brooklyn between the ages of 16-24. It’s mission is to foster a creative environment that serves as a safe space for young men and women to become successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and students with a platform for their unique voices to be heard.

Flatbush Leadership Academy is a weekly  stipend based program where participants are engaged in leadership sessions and service based engagement.

Mothers For Safe Cities

Mothers for Safe Cities is a healing and empowerment network, which serves as a peer support system for mothers and families of homicide victims. It is the mission of the support group to provide a safe space and atmosphere to mothers as they journey through their healing stages of grief.

Single Parents University

The Single Parents University (SPU) is a platform that supports and promotes self-paced development for single parents/guardians to enhance life skills, foster family relationships, and develop essential connections. It is the objective of SPU to provide single parents and guardians with the tools and strategies needed to tackle challenges and triumphs as they work towards their life goals.

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