Flatbush Leadership Academy

Program Overview

Flatbush Leadership Academy (FLA) is a mentorship program for young men and women in Central Brooklyn between the ages of 16-24. It’s mission is to foster a creative environment that serves as a safe space for young men and women to become successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and students with a platform for their unique voices to be heard.

Flatbush Leadership Academy is a weekly  stipend based program where participants are engaged in leadership sessions and service based engagement.

Participants are equipped with job readiness skills, outreach and connection abilities, financial literacy, community advocacy skills and college/career readiness tools.

Each participant is partnered with a trusted mentor at the start of the program who serves as an advocate and advisor through their personal and professional development.

Flatbush Leadership Academy is offered to the community by the 67th Precinct Clergy Council, Inc. “The GodSquad” in partnership with Rohan Levy Foundation, G-MACC (Gangsta’s Making Astronomical Community Changes), and realestateOcona.

** Please note our male and female cohort are separate. The  Male cohort will be held from January – March and our Female Cohort will begin April – June.

For more information contact coe@67clergycouncil.org.


Apply TODAY by texting FLA2021 to 71441

become the difference in someones life!

The Flatbush Leadership Academy supports potential leaders 16-24 years old, through personal growth, professional development, and mentorship. Apply to become a mentor today.

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