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Program Overview

Flatbush Leadership Academy (FLA) is a mentorship program for young men and women in Central Brooklyn between the ages of 14-24. It’s mission is to foster a creative environment that serves as a safe space for young men and women to become successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and students with a platform for their unique voices to be heard.

Flatbush Leadership Academy is a weekly  stipend based program where participants are engaged in leadership sessions and service based engagement.

Participants are equipped with job readiness skills, outreach and connection abilities, financial literacy, community advocacy skills and college/career readiness tools.

Each participant is partnered with a trusted mentor at the start of the program who serves as an advocate and advisor through their personal and professional development.

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FLA Participant Testimonials

Quanasia Holace-Crammer

Matthan Mbanefo

How would you describe FLA?

FLA has aided me financially by providing monthly stipends while also being deeply cared for and supported by staff members. It provides a non-judgmental environment with someone always nearby to hear you out and listen to what you have to say.

When in FLA, what are your goal/s? Did you achieve them?

During my time in FLA my goal was to be a better communicator. I achieved my goal by observing how others communicate in different contexts and asking open-ended questions to the numerous guest speakers we had visited.

What skill did you get from FLA?

Communication, time management, Decision-making, leadership and creativity are the main skills I gained. My communication skills particularly got a lot better. I learned how to talk in front of crowds and improved my time management by showing up to each FLA session on time.

In FLA how is the mission of FLA achieved?

FLA supports its members in setting time goals, setting a goal and enhancing time management for members to function at their full potential while pacing themselves with the time they’ve allotted themselves.

What are the aspects of FLA that best aid you?

Having people from various occupations brought in.

What do you plan on doing with your merit / award?

Use towards college.

What is the mission of FLA to you?

Great communication skills and try to achieve your goal. “Shoot for the stars aim for the moon”

How do you find out about FLA?

My Pastor referred me. Shoutout to you, Pastor Falayi! 

How would you describe FLA?

FLA is a good program that uplifts youth ages 16-24, helping them with their leadership skills.

When in FLA, what were your goal/s? Did you achieve that goal/s?

My goal was to graduate high school with a high gpa, attend college/ university, chase my dreams of becoming a social media influencer, and open a bank account. Yeah, I achieved them! My Mentor that was given during FLA followed up with me to help me achieve the goals that I set out to attain.

How has FLA affected you? 

FLA made me think outside the box, do anything I set my mind to and learn how to execute, have a plan, and a backup plan.

In FLA how is the mission of FLA achieved?

Assigns mentors that keep you in check) workshop (financial literacy and creativity) help its members to understand what they would like to do in their life.

What are the aspects of FLA that best aid you?

Gaining knowledge from many of FLAs workshops, the Financial literacy workshop with Ross Bauer from Merritt Point Wealth Advisors has best aided me. Staying connected to the program as an alumnus of FLA, I was also able to go to multiple meetings with the Former mayor, Mayor Bill De Blasio, where I spoke about solutions to the gun violence epidemic plaguing NYC communities. 

What is the mission of FLA to you?

To give young people, particularly people of color, skills to make change in their community. “Never give up” advice from Matthan: “In life a lot of stuff is going to be thrown at you. All you have to do is think positive and don’t be scared to let things go because with every closed door comes a bigger and better opportunity.” As an alumnus I was able to go to multiple meetings with the mayor where I spoke about gun violence in our community.

become the difference in someones life!

The Flatbush Leadership Academy supports potential leaders 16-24 years old, through personal growth, professional development, and mentorship. Apply to become a mentor today.

Flatbush Leadership Academy (FLA) Participant Application (Ages 15-24)
Flatbush Leadership Academy (FLA) Mentor Application (Age 24+)
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