Masking The Borough’s Police Force, Precinct by Precinct

Officers at the 67th precinct receive masks from 5MMASK and the 67th Precinct Clergy Council Inc. Photo: Zam Barrett.

Bushwick-based clothing designer Zam Barrett is on a mission to replace all of the disposable masks worn by Brooklyn police officers for a reusable and more protective option.

To do this, the clothing designer-turned-mask-maker, is sewing more than 1150 washable, reusable masks with his team in its onsite workshop to provide for all of the borough’s police force in the 23 precincts, free of charge.

“I am tired of seeing our officers in uniform, with these disposable masks that are incongruent with their uniforms,” Barrett said. “If I can do something about it then why not?”

Some officers had bought masks from him already, so he decided to serve them all. And, he said, he wanted to show them that residents understood they were a necessary part of our community.

“We can work together for greater good,” he said. “It doesn’t always have to be hostile tensions between police and civilians.” Read full story

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