Coronavirus FAQ for Faith Leaders

Can we hold services, either indoors or outdoors?

You should nothold any in-person services either indoors or outdoors.You shouldhold virtual services instead (e.g., webinars, skype) or connect via phone.

We have many functions in addition to religious services that happen in our space, such as Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and food pantries. Can any of these continue? Do they need to be outdoors?

We recommend moving to virtual meetings whenever possible.

We encourage emergency food providers to continue operations to provide critical services to food insecure New Yorkers in a way that is safe for everyone.

  • Grab and Go is an effective strategy to ensure those who need access to food receive it with limited interaction and while practicing social distancing. All food shelf stable or prepared items should adhere to NYC food standards. Where possible, expand pick-up hours to decrease the number of people who visit at a given time.
  • Discourage lines and groups by offering, where appropriate, diverse pre-bagged items (ie family size, dietary restrictions, etc).
  • If capacity permits, increase emergency packages to last up to 14 days to reduce frequency of visits.
  • Include information about COVID-19 to keep New Yorkers safe and healthy.

All students 18 and under can pick up food at from specific Department of Education sites, Monday through Friday, from 7:30-am to 1:30pm.

All seniors can get food from a senior center, even if they are not a regular attendee.

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